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Weekend Must Haves #7

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Cast-a-Kite, Ages 6+  $29.99

Meet our new pick of the week:  Cast-a-Kite!  Just in time for a Labor Day picnic or last minute trip to the beach. Or even just an afternoon walk to Chapman park.  Reel it in, cast away!  The easiest way to fly a kite, and with added control.  Fun for ages 6 and up. Made in the USA.

Laser Pegs Dinosaurs 24 in 1 set, Ages 5+  $49.99

Laser pegs are like light-up legos.  Awesome, right?!  Now, what if I told you they come in a set of over 190 pieces and you can build dinosaurs?  Crazy awesome, I know!!  Great gift for the kid that loves Legos, but you're not sure which sets they have.  Compatible with Lego. 

Animal Parade Puzzle by Begin Again, Ages 4+  $39.99

For those who like building but need bigger pieces, this creative puzzle will be a great fit.  This is our favorite alphabet puzzle.  We love the non-traditional shape and quirky animals (unicorns and jellyfish!)  Plus, it's made of eco-friendly rubberwood.

What are your weekend must-haves?

-Child's Play