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Weekend Must-Haves #9

ToysMegan PeronaComment

We still have a few weeks of sunshine so we are definitely recommending some outdoor toys for your weekend.  Here's our favorites for playing outside!  Great for the park, backyard or beach - whichever fits your fancy.

Mini OgoDisk, Ages 3+  $29.99 

 It's a hand trampoline for balls!  Hit the koosh ball back and forth with the paddles.  Throw and catch it like a frisbee.  Adapt it to volleyball, baseball or tennis.  Awesome with water balloons!  Or make up your own game.  

Water Balloons, on sale for $2.99!

Speaking of water balloons, we have them on SALE!  Packs of 250 biodegradable water balloons for only $2.99.  At that price you can host a neighborhood water balloon battle!

Dueling Stomp Rocket, Ages 8+  $22.99

One Stomp Rocket is awesome.  Two Stomp Rockets blasting off at the same time... mind-blowingly awesome!  Load the rockets, jump on the launch pads and send them shooting over 200 feet in the air!  Turn it into a race, first one to retrieve their rocket and reload it wins!  Regular, Junior and Light-up Stomp Rockets also available.

What are you digging this weekend?