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What to do when the kids are bored?

ToysMegan PeronaComment

"I'm bored."  Have you heard that before?  Did you say, "Well, I'll give you something to do," then proceed to list off every bit of housework you've been meaning to do for the last 6 months?  No?  Was that just my mom who did that? Anyway, when the boredom blues strike you've got to have a plan of attack to scare them off.  How about some of these simple, but awesomely fun options!


Cheap, simple and fun!  Go outside and decorate the sidewalk!  With the sun shining for another few weeks there is still plenty of prime sidewalk chalk weather!


Have a Dance Party!  And, get dressed up!  I mean it's a dance party, why wouldn't you dress up?!  These wrist scarves are great for little kids!  Easy to pull on and off themselves, and fun to twist and twirl in!  You can even pretend you're a dancing fairy!


Write a letter, and use this kit to decorate it with your very own stickers!  The stickers are already pre-cut (and some are even glittered!), you just need to color them in!


Or, have a puppet show - starring this guy!  Yeah, that wild and crazy guy the Pack Rat Puppet!!

Have a fun-filled, totally mind-blowing day!

-Child's Play