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What We're Reading: Zen Ghosts

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We're still into Halloween books around here; ghosts, psychic-teenage-private detectives, monsters, giant pumpkins, and more.  Today's story is part of the Zen Shorts series.  John J. Muth writes beautiful stories based on Japanese folk tales.  Lovely stories, good morals and beautiful illustrations.  Check out more below! educational_toys_portland_books_zen_ghosts

Stillwater Panda is back with a ghost story for Halloween! It is Halloween and after the children go trick-or-treating, Stillwater tells them a spooky tale. Based on an ancient Zen koan, Senjo and Her Soul Are Separated, the story is about a woman who is pulled in two different directions- with a surprising result! It is a simple ghost story at heart, but also deals with a subject that happens in our everyday lives.

As Jon J. Muth states in his afterword,

“I wanted to offer this story to children because at a very young age we discover questions about duality. There is the me I am with my parents, the me I am with my friends, and there is another me with a different group of my friends.. When our hearts are taken in two different directions, where are we?”

Read this with your little ones! Interesting conversation is sure to follow. Recommended for ages 5+.

Have an insightful day!

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