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What We're Reading: A Nest is Noisy

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A Nest is Noisy by Dianna Hutts Aston, Illustrated by Sylvia Long

A Nest is Noisy by: Dianna Hutts Aston, Illustrated by: Sylvia Long (Chrissy)

“A Nest is Welcoming..” Gorgeous new addition to Aston and Long’s illustrated series about nature. Learn about different types of nests and why and how they are made. Long’s stunning close-ups of the natural world draw you in and make you want to look even closer. Did you know that  a bee hummingbird’s nest is the size of a golfball? Or that the eel-like lamprey uses it’s suction cup mouth to pick up pebbles and make a nest at the bottom of a stream? The gourami fish make a bubble nest that float like a raft on the water to keep its eggs safe. The oven bird makes a nest out of adobe! Ages 5-7 years.

Thanks for the review Chrissy!