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What We're Reading: Are We There Yet?

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Are We There Yet? by Dan Santat

A great book by Caldecott medal winning author Dan Santat, perfect for a summer trip! A boy and his family head out on a trip to his grandma’s birthday party. His mind starts to wander and the text starts rotating, so that you begin to read the book upside down and backwards! Through text and illustration, you see his daydreams taking shape outside the car window. The daydreams take him back in time to the wild west, medieval times, ancient Egypt and finally to the time of dinosaurs! Time traveling is a great way to pass the time but there is no time like the present! Turn the book back around and back to the future where grandma awaits. (Be careful not to go too far...) Inventive storytelling both kids and parents will enjoy. Recommended for ages 4-8.


Images from Are We There Yet by Dan Santat