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What We're Reading: Atlas of Adventures

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Atlas of Adventures: a collection of natural wonders, exciting experiences and fun festivities, written by Rachel Williams, illustrated by Lucy Letherland, ages 7+  $30.00

Calling all adventurers! Set your spirit free with this beautifully illustrated trip around the world! Stop in Scotland to see the Highland Games. Swing by Rio to dance during carnival season. Maybe a little r & r under the northern lights will be needed after that. Each page is loaded with illustrations that illuminate the hundreds of facts to read and things to spot.  Slightly reminiscent of a grown-up Richard Scarry book, kids and parents will love this! Best for ages 7+. (P.S. The book is bigger than our laps! Great size for laying on the living room floor and daydreaming.)

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Illustrations from Atlas of Adventures

Illustrations from Atlas of Adventures