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What We're Reading: Awake Beautiful Child

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Awake Beautiful Child by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Illustrated by Gracia Lam

A sweet, simple story of a day in the life of a child is told in three word ABC phrases. All Begins Cheerily! You see a child have Amusing Breakfast Chatter over Apples, Bananas, Cantaloupe. Different children are pictured throughout the course of a day: Attending birthday parties (Another Bright Candle, Atop Birthday Cake), exploring (Always Be Curious), and eventually going to bed (Abundant Bubbles Clean, Arranging Blankets, Cozy). For added fun, hidden ABC words are sprinkled throughout the book to find. Another surprise: The book jacket unfolds into a giant two-sided poster! Ages 1-5


In Loving Memory of Amy Krouse Rosenthal (1965-2017)