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What We're Reading: Barak Obama - Son of Promise, Child of Hope

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February is Black History Month, and to pay tribute we wanted to feature one of our new favorite stories, Barak Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope by Nikki Grimes.  Last Wednesday, we featured Tar Beach by Faith Ringold, jump to that review here. Childrens_Books_in_Portland_Barack_Obama_Son_of_Promise_Child_of_Hope

A mother and child see Barack Obama on tv.  “Who’s that?” her son asks.  The mother pats a spot on the sofa behind her. “Come, “she said.  “If you sit still, I’ll tell you his story.”

This is the story of our 44th president, told by Nikki Grimes and illustrated by Bryan Collier, both winners of the Coretta Scott King Award.  Follow his story from Hawaiian beaches to the jungles of Indonesia, from the streets of Chicago to the plains of Kenya.  The message of this book is one of hope.  Barack Obama carries that hope with him and inspires Americans to believe that all of us have the power to positively change ourselves and the world.  A moving biography recommended for ages 5-10.

Have an inspired day!

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