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What We're Reading: Creepy Carrots

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Happy Halloween!  Oh, we might be a bit early for that sentiment, but it's definitely Halloween season.  Right when you walk in our front door there's a display full of Monster Fighter Legos, squeezable monster eyeballs, and other creepy crawly things.  Plus, a nice selection of Halloween books!  For example: Educational_Toys_in_Portland_creepy_carrots

Jasper Rabbit has a passion for carrots, especially the ones in Crackenhopper Field. He stops by to enjoy a few on his way to school. little league, and again on the way home. Then one day, he notices there are carrots following him!! No they can’t be, it must be his imagination. But there they are again that night in the shed, then in his room!! Black and white illustrations  with contrasting with orange carrot shapes make it fun for the reader to identify the objects Jasper may be confusing with carrots. In the end, Jasper makes a drastic move to ensure the carrots never bother him again.....

Have a spooky but fun day!

-Child's Play