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What We're Reading: Dylan the Villain

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Dylan the Villain written & illustrated by K.G. Campbell

Dylan’s parents were minding their own business, when one day their new baby turned out to be a super villain! In some ways he was like other babies, but he had super villainous qualities, like a super scary costume, maniacal laugh, and  some very clever inventions. His parents thought he was the best and cleverest super-villain in the whole wide world. Dylan thought so too... until he went to villain school. There he suspected some kids might be a touch more villainous. For example, Addison Van Malice’s crazy laugh was bananas and she had blue hair! This won’t do! Then Miss Slither announces a contest: A trophy will go to whoever designs the most diabolical robot. Can he do it? Dylan’s villain skills get put to the test! Fun for ages 4-6+.