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What We're Reading: Enola Holmes

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Summer is an excellent time for sleuthing.  Capers, hijinks, mysteries - whatever you want to call them, summer is a great time to have them.  Extra free time, nice weather, low parental supervision - all things that allow imaginations to balloon and sleuthing to ensue!  However, if your neighborhood is low on mysteries to solve, you can always read one instead.


If you love mysteries, adventure, and cracking codes, this is a book for you!  On the day of Enola’s birthday, her mother goes missing.  No one saw her leave and there is no sign of a struggle, yet their are a few oddly placed items left in the room.  With the help of a book of secret codes given to Enola by her mother, Enola runs away to find her mother!  Along the way, she embraces her love of sleuthing and becomes wound up in yet another mystery of a kidnapped marquess!  This book is full of detective tips, danger, and discovery!!  Great for grades 4-8.

Have a mystical sort of day!

-Child's Play