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What We're Reading: Gilda Joyce Psychic Investigator

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We're so excited about our BFFs 4 Eva event on Friday (check the events page for all the details!), that we thought we'd share one of our favorite tween books.


Gilda Joyce’s fearlessly independent character and Allison’s vivid storytelling will have any reader riveted to the pages!  Daring Gilda, who is aspiring to be a psychic investigator as one of several of her careers, invites herself to stay with her mother’s long lost cousin for the summer in his San Francisco mansion.  Gilda is surprised to find a girl of her own age living in the house, then taken aback by her defensively haughty manner.  When the two girls are the only ones to hear strange noises from the mansion’s forbidden tower, they decide to join forces to solve the mystery of the lonely ghost in the house!  Recommended for ages 9+

Have an exciting day!

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