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What We're Reading: I Lost My Tooth in Africa

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This story was originally written by an 8 year old girl from Portland, OR!  The story  is based on her trip to Africa when her little sister actually lost her tooth in Africa!

Amina was excited to discover she had a loose tooth on the flight from Portland, OR to Bamako, Mali. During the flight her father tells her that if you lose a tooth in Africa and put it under a gourd, you will get a chicken from the African tooth fairy!  Richly and colorfully illustrated by the author’s father and acclaimed author/illustrator, Baba Wague Diakite, this story tells about the infamous African tooth fairy, but also the culture, experience and memories of staying with family in Mali.

Diakite says, “This has been a great reward for me to illustrate my daughter’s book.  Storytelling is a gift to me from my elders and I simply wanted to pass this gift along to my children.”

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