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What We're Reading: Nature's Playground

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It looks like there might be some sunshine this weekend!  We're thinking some fresh air and outside romping sounds lovely, so we started looking through Nature's Playground.  It's a wonderful book full of ideas for outdoor fun, and well, Chrissy's review explain it all... Children's_Books_in_Portland_nature's_playground

“Imagine children climbing high among the spreading branches of an ancient tree or damming a tumbling stream with sticks and stones. Imagine them crafting bows and arrows deep in the woods or watching in wonder as a crumpled dragonfly emerges from its nymph case. This is play in the great outdoors - imaginary games, exciting adventures and amazing discoveries. The natural world is a place for exploration, learning about risk, building confidence, and escaping into the imagination..”

So begin the authors in this inspiring book. Nature’s Playground is packed with games, crafts and adventures to get your kids exploring. Chapters are broken down into seasons and include  year-round and nighttime activities.  Make bows and arrows, construct a den out of twigs, explore meadows, hunt for bugs, track wildlife and more. Great fun for all ages!

Have a day sprinkled with fresh air and maybe some skipping...why not?

-Child's Play