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What We're Reading: Maniac Magee

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Portland_kids_chapter_books_maniac_magee This book is an exciting, scary, off-the-wall, and justly considered legendary collection of episodes concerning a boy dubbed by the community as “Maniac” Magee.  Maniac is an orphan who runs away from his uncaring new parents at an early age, and learns to survive on his own.  He is welcomed into various homes throughout the tri-county area and makes a home for himself in unlikely places, such as the buffalo pen at the zoo and the abandoned off-season baseball equipment room.  In a segregated town, Maniac realizes he longs to find a new loving home for himself, one where his presence does not threaten his new friends.  Full of great characters, plenty of surprises, and a lot of food for thought, Maniac Magee is a strong book for ages 8-12.

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