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What We're Reading: Monsters Under Bridges

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We love local authors and illustrators, and today we have a brand-new, super-awesome local book to share.  Here's Chrissy with a review: Portland_Childrens_Books_monsters_under_bridges

Learn about the bridges of the Pacific Northwest by reading funny bios of their unique monster totems.  From the imaginations of a local Portland, OR author and the artist team JOLBY.  This story features bridges from as far north as Vancouver, BC to the southern Oregon covered bridges of Lane County.  Learn about the salmon-loving Fremont Flixies who live on the Fremont Bridge with a family of endangered peregrine falcons.  Ronoh, of the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge in Vancouver, BC looks like an orca and smells like “seaweed and wisdom”, and Irving, the Noble Vegetarian of the Astoria Bridge  has “luscious brown fur and muscles” and favors “local, organic veggies”.  Meet all the monsters!  Great for reading together!  A local treasure! Recommended for ages 5+.


Have a marvelous day!

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