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What We're Reading: Robo-Sauce

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Robo-Sauce  words by Adam Rubin, Pictures by Daniel Salmieri

New from the team that brought you Dragons Love Tacos! You know how awesome it is to play robot, right? What if there was a top-secret magical formula that you could make from household ingredients to turn you into a REAL robot? It would be so cool! Real robots have laser eyes, rocket feet and don’t have to take baths or go to bed. Well, what if I told you there is such a formula?  It’s called Robo-Sauce! It’s the perfect blend of technology and magic. Watch what happens when a boy and his dog try it out! This is a fun read-aloud adventure that’s whimsical and fun! The spirit of the book might appeal to fans of the popular Cartoon Network show Adventure Time! Great for ages 4-8!