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What we're reading: Skellig

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Thriller isn't a very common word for describing children's literature, but Skellig by David Almond, definitely fits the bill, yet is still age appropriate.   Mystery, intrigue, possible half-owl/ half-human people - the story is so absorbing that both Zena and Chrissy had dreams filled with characters from the book! Educational_Toys_in_Portland_skellig

The story follows 10 year old Michael as he moves into his new house. It is a dark and curious tale where dreams and reality might mix. Michael’s baby sister is very ill and his parents are frantic over her survival. When Michael finds a starving arthritic man in the deepest corner of the crumbling garage, he decides the only person he can confide in is his neighbor Mina. Together, they feed him and try to move him to safety. Along the way they discover lumps under his jacket where his shoulder blades would be. Is this man half bird or an angel?

Hope you have an intriguing day!

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