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What We're Reading: That is NOT a Good Idea!

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That is NOT a Good Idea! by Mo Willems

The latest book from everyone's favorite kid's comedy writer. Mo Willems (aka the guy who brought us The Pigeon.)  Written in the style of a silent film with three chicks giving family friendly Mystery Science Theater style commentary, follow the fox as he coaxes a goose to dinner.  Thrills!  Drama!  Dinner?  This will be your family's new favorite bedtime story!

Looking for a craft to do alongside storytime?  Rebecca at Sturdy for Common Things  made these printable chick puppets from the story!  Get the Good Ideas Event Kit (which includes these puppets) from Harper Collings.  And, visit Rebecca's blog post Chicken (and Goose) Storytime for more chicken stories and craft ideas!

Watch out for danger today!