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What We're Reading: The BFG

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Since the Big Friendly Giant will be in the store on Saturday (click here for all the details!!!) we're reading Roald Dahl's The BFG, naturally of course!  In case you haven't read this modern classic, here's Chrissy's review.  Also, we love Roald Dahl.  We think you will too! Educational_Toys_in_Portland_the_bfg

Sophie’s an orphan who is kidnapped from her bed one night by a giant after witnessing him blowing dreams into children’s minds with a long thin trumpet through their bedroom windows. It turns out Sophie need not fear because said giant goes by the moniker “BFG” short for “Big Friendly Giant.” As big as he is, he is small by comparison to the other giants, and is constantly being bullied by them for not ever eating “human beans” as the other giants do. He is not without defense however and fights back against them using nightmares!

Roald Dahl wrote books that kid’s love; funny, fantastic and strange. He didn’t talk down to children, he understood them. In Dahl’s world, his protagonists are often neglected & misunderstood children. Dahl sees their value and turns them into heroes. His stories often have the weak, pitted against the strong but the clever, virtuous & kind always win at the end.

His books make great read alouds & early chapter books for middle readers. Recommended for ages 7 through adult! FYI: 10% of Dahl’s author royalties go to The Roald Dahl Foundation, a charity which benefits sick children!

Have a scrumdiddlyumptious day!

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