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What We're Reading: The Cultured Chef

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The Cultured Chef by: Nicholas Beatty, Illustrated by: Coleen McIntyre

An EXCELLENT international cookbook for kids written by a Pacific NW author/illustrator team! I was very impressed with this book. It’s geared toward boys and girls alike, high quality and very well researched and organized. It begins with a chapter on “How to Become a Global Citizen.” “Learning about other cultures helps you become a well-rounded person, improving your ability to communicate better, meet new friends and get a better job.” Isn't that the best explanation ever?! The chapter continues with tips on becoming more globally aware and philanthropic ideas for how kids can start making a positive difference in their neighborhoods, and globally. Next up is a visual glossary and list of tips for success in the kitchen, followed by chapters that take you around the world, country by country. Each chapter includes some cultural background and highlighted recipe from that region. Especially recommended for kids ages 7-12! Bon Apetit!

Thanks for the review Chrissy!

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