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What We're Reading: The Eighth Day

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The Eighth Day by Diane Salerni

At first when thirteen-year-old Jax Aubrey discovers a secret Eighth Day of the week-an extra day sandwiched between Wednesday and Thursday, the town is vacant and he thinks it is the zombie apocalypse.

With the help of his guardian Riley, Jax learns that some people transition between the normal days of the week and the Eighth Day, but there are also people, like the girl in hiding next door, who only live on the Eighth Day.

Eventually he learns that the girl next door is the descendant of the powerful wizard Merlin and her magic is highly sought by corrupt Transitioners who want to use her to destroy the seven-day world. Sooner than later, Jax realizes he has a part to play in the legend himself, whether or not he has asked to partake.

This book is full of daring, adventure, mystery, surprise, love, and so much more! Excellent choice for fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or Arthurian Legend. Ages 8 and up.

Thanks for the review, Zena!

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