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What We're Reading: The Graveyard Book

ToysMegan PeronaComment

The Graveyard Book  written by Neil Gaiman, illustrations by Dave McKean 

Nobody Owens’s family are ghosts….well his adoptive family. Bod (Nobody) is growing up in the town’s graveyard. He meets and learns from the ghosts of the souls that are buried there.  And, not just recent ghosts, ghosts from all time periods. With his mysterious phantom guardian looking after him life is pretty normal. Bod is like any other child and gets into boyhood trouble, but his boyhood trouble involves witches, ghouls, and the terrible Seer. The graveyard keeps Bod safe, but from what? or whom? As Bod grows he starts to learn more about his past and what his future will hold. This book is great for a haunt and a laugh. It is loosely based off of The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling and is highly recommended for ages 12+. Have a spook-tack-ular good read!

Thanks for the review Liz!

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