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What We're Reading: The Guardians of Childhood: The Sandman

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Today is a lovely day to curl up with a blanket and a good book.  Classic ones that you carry line by line in your heart are great, but a new story can be nice too.  William Joyce's The Guardians of Childhood series is a great "cozy read."  Lovely illustrations and a heartfelt story - just add cocoa for a complete "cozy read" session. Educational_Toys_Portland_Holiday_The_Guardians_of_Childhood_The_Sandman

“Of course you know The Guardians of Childhood. You’ve known them till your memories are like twilight. The very first guardian was the Man in the Moon, and it was he who found the others..”

The Man in the Moon watches out over the children of earth but he needs a helper for when he is less than full and bright. So he searches and searches until he finds Sanderson Mansnoozie. You may know him better as The Sandman.

Follow this delightful story of how he came to be, beginning with him asleep on a shooting star, then a battle with a nightmare king, and crash landing to earth.  Most of all discover how dreamsand came to be and see how The Sandman uses it to give children sweet dreams to help all their wishes come true!

Read this and the rest of The Guardians series before you see the movie! Rise of the Guardians in theaters 11-21-12!

Have a sweet day, kind of like you're floating through a sea of dreamy clouds!

-Child's Play