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What We're Reading: The Snow Queen

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Did you catch any snowflakes this morning?  There wasn't quite enough snow for snow angels, but a few flakes landed on our mittens while we walked to work.  So, in honor of the appearance of Portland Snow, we thought we'd give The Snow Queen a quick read through.  This version, retold by Ken Setterington with paper-cut artwork by Nelly & Ernst Hoffer, starts out chilling and beautiful, but of course ends with warmth and love. _Books_Kids_the_snow_queen

Gerda and Kay are the best of friends until an evil magician comes to town.  Kay is then involved in a terrible accident involving the magician's mirror and in turn is filled with dark and evil.  Gerda's dear sweet friend is turned toward the dark of the world and takes his solace in The Snow Queen and her ice palace.  It's up to Gerda to save her friend and fill his heart with love once again.

This story is great on it's own, but the paper cut illustrations are stunning.  If after all the holiday hustle and bustle your eyes aren't quite up for reading, you should at least sit down and look through the pictures.  Gorgeous.

Have a wintry wonderland kind of day!

-Child's Play