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What We're Reading: The Snow Queen

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The Snow Queen: A Novelty Re-telling of the Classic Story by Hans Christian Andersen, Retold by Kay Woodward, Illustrations by Manuel Sumberac

A long time ago a wicked sprite spends his days tormenting others with a mirror that warps and distorts all who look into it, making the good and beautiful appear bad and ugly and the bad and ugly even more hideous. One day the mirror shatters and whomever the shards pierce, their hearts turn as cold as ice. Best friends Kay and Gerda live in a beautiful land far from the sprite and spend their days playing in happiness through the seasons until a shard from the evil mirror pierces him and hardens his heart. He goes away from Gerda, and is taken by an icy and beautiful Snow Queen. Gerda believes her friend still lives and it is up to her to rescue him and deliver him from her evil spell!  This classic is reimagined as a lovely lap size gift book with interactive flaps to lift, tabs to pull and a stunning pop-up scene! A great pick for ages 6-12+!

Thanks for the review Chrissy!

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