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What We're Reading: The Strange Case of Origami Yoda

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The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger

We're getting geared up for Star Wars Day on Saturday, so of course we're reading Star Wars books!  Meet Dwight, sixth grade oddball who does one cool thing - make origami.  One day at lunch he folds up an origami Yoda, and to his and his friend Tommy's surprise, Yoda comes to life!  Origami Yoda can predict the future and hands out perfectly accurate advice.  Tommy however, is unsure of Yoda's all-knowing genius and must get to the bottom of this.  How can Yoda be so smart?  Is he tapping into the force?  Read along with Tommy's case file and see what you think.  Full of laughs!  Great for ages 8+.

Other titles in the series include:  The Secret of the Fortune Wookiee, The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppet, Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue, Emperor Pickletine rides the Bus and Darth Paper Strikes Back.

What have you been reading?

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