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What We're Reading: The Witches

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Portland_children's_books_the_witches_Roald_Dahl By master storyteller Roald Dahl, a fun, spooky story, just in time for Halloween!  A little boy is warned all about REAL witches from his grandmama who looks after him.  He learns that REAL witches look like ordinary people and HATE children.  Their motto is, “One child a week is fifty-two a year.  Squash them and squiggle them and make them disappear.”  Little does he know that he is about to have a run-in with the Grand High Witch himself! Soon it will be up to him to save all children from the wrath of witches everywhere.  Great read for the Halloween season!  Good for grade school chapter book readers or as a read-aloud!

Have a spooky, good-hearted day!

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