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Does anyone else have cabin fever?  Anyone else longing for sunny evenings?  Dry walks in the park?  Spring?  Well, this book might be just the slice of nature you need to hold you over another month or two.  Thanks to Chrissy for writing the review! Educational_Toys_Portland_Swirl_by_Swirl_Spirals_in_Nature

“A spiral is a snuggling shape. It fits neatly in small places. Coiled tight, warm and safe, it waits... ...for a chance to expand.”

Why does the spiral shape occur in nature over and over again?  This book gently explores the spirals in nature all around us with the help of gorgeous, bold illustrations by Beth Krommes (Caldecott Honor Winner for The House in the Night).  Not only is the book beautiful, it also includes accurate labeling of plants and wildlife with informative information in the back.  A great addition to any child’s bookshelf!  Ideal for Pre-K.

Have a nature-filled day!

-Child's Play