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What We're Reading: Who Built That? Bridges: An Introduction To Ten Great Bridges And Their Designers

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Who Built That? Bridges: by Didier Cornille

In this charming book, Didier Cornille introduces us to ten of the most important bridges in the world. The book is laid out horizontally and uses simple, retro style illustrations and bright colors to showcase each bridge. He introduces the designers, their innovations and main concepts behind their work. He explains the process from start to finish in a way that’s easy to understand. Learn about the first cast iron bridge, suspension and concrete bridges, and the longest and tallest bridges in the world! This is a great intro to the architectural concepts behind bridges for the aspiring young builders in your life. Ages 10-13
(Also recommended: Who Built That? Skyscrapers and Who Built That? Modern Houses by: Didier Cornille)