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What's on your holiday list?

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Our list is full of TOYS, of course!  Nostalgic ones that remind of us of our own happy holidays.  Hip, modern ones that look they straight out of the Jetsons.  Quirky ones that make us grin from ear to ear.  And, a lot of toys that are just plain awesome.  Here's a few of our favorites.  Hover over the image for a description and details.

Squishable, ages 3+  $42.99  Nom nom nom. This cinnamon roll is cute and cuddly and oh so sweet (without any added sugar!)

Simon, Ages 7+ $24.99 Introduce your children to one of your childhood loves. Simon is back with the same flashing lights, sounds and challenge. Choose from one of the original three games and find out if you can conquer the colors!

Pewi Bike, Ages 1+  $59.99  This is our favorite ride-on for anyone too small for a balance bike. From 9-12 months use it as a walker, then once your little one's ledgs are long enough spin it around and take a seat. Multiple award winner, Available in blue, red and pink.

Oh, and one more thing on our list:  Dr. Scholl's gel inserts.  Happy feet = happy toy store employees :)

Happy holiday shopping!

-Child's Play