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Wiggle Your Toes Day!

ToysMegan PeronaComment

Today is Wiggle Your Toes Day!  Grass is good for wiggling toes in, especially in the summer.  And, mud can be fun too.  Oh, and sand!  Sand is awesome to wiggle your toes in!  And, while you're wiggling your toes in the sand (of the beach or sandbox variety) you might need a few toys to make things even more fun! Portland_Toys_Sand_Bucket_With_Spout

This 12 piece sand set has everything you would expect, plus it doubles as a giant watering can!  Sand molds, rake, trowel, sifter, funnel and a water wheel, all included!  Fun for sand or water play!


Already have a bucket?  What about a sand & water wheel?!  Classic fun that lasts for hours!


Know a budding architect?  How about a bricklayer sand set?!  Complete with trowel, mold and spade - you will be able to build some mighty fine sandcastles with this set.

What are your favorite sand toys?

Have a spiffy day!

-Child's Play